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Holiday Card

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

2008-09 Holiday Card to my Clients: I’d been thinking of putting a card like this together for awhile. When I got my full time job I retained many of my clients from my once previous full-time freelance business. (I say full-time but really I was doing diaper duty with my youngest.) My goal was to send a message that even though my client time had been reduced to late evenings and weekends with my new full time job, I still am there for my clients and feel pretty good about it. I love my freelance business. The majority of my clients I consider friends and enjoy continued work with them. I also love my Mac and feel empowered by it, as represented above. The other half of the card is pretty much how my office looks, behind me a long cubicle wall and in front a PC. I’ve successfully adapted to the 40 hr week and to the PC and the benefits are great. All in all I consider myself pretty lucky to have sustained in my industry in a small town, and have two jobs doing pretty much the same thing, something that I love. How sweet it is.



Welcome to my new blog!

About three months ago I began a social media experiment that involved what many are doing these days, creating accounts in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. What I’ve found in my studies is that none of these really do anything for you unless you have something to yak about (yak here is used as in Yak Yak or talking, not in it’s traditional meaning: a long-haired bovine found throughout the Himalayan region of south Central Asia), and it really helps to have a place to keep all your yakkings so that if people like your yak they will pursue your yak links. So here I am creating a blog to place all my valuable yakkings to further my experiment and to maybe post a couple of my designs and illustrations, (so far none  of which include Yaks – the traditional kind).