Holiday Card

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

2008-09 Holiday Card to my Clients: I’d been thinking of putting a card like this together for awhile. When I got my full time job I retained many of my clients from my once previous full-time freelance business. (I say full-time but really I was doing diaper duty with my youngest.) My goal was to send a message that even though my client time had been reduced to late evenings and weekends with my new full time job, I still am there for my clients and feel pretty good about it. I love my freelance business. The majority of my clients I consider friends and enjoy continued work with them. I also love my Mac and feel empowered by it, as represented above. The other half of the card is pretty much how my office looks, behind me a long cubicle wall and in front a PC. I’ve successfully adapted to the 40 hr week and to the PC and the benefits are great. All in all I consider myself pretty lucky to have sustained in my industry in a small town, and have two jobs doing pretty much the same thing, something that I love. How sweet it is.


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